Why is the word 'phone' spelled with a 'P' and not an 'F'?

Ever wondered why 'phone' starts with a 'P' and not an 'F'? Well, buckle up folks, because I was just as stumped as you are now! The reason is quite interesting - it all goes back to the Greeks. The word 'phone' comes from the Greek word 'phōnē', meaning 'voice' or 'sound'. So, the 'P' is there because the Greeks decided it should be, and we've just been going along with it! Aren't languages a hoot?

In American English, is Agile pronounced with a long or short I?

Well my friends, let's dive into the fascinating world of pronunciation, specifically focusing on the word "Agile" in American English. Now, wrap your mind around this, it's pronounced with a long I, not a short one, I kid you not! So instead of sounding like "Ag-il", it's more like "A-jeel", quite the twist, isn't it? So next time you're in a meeting and someone says "Ag-il", give them a friendly correction, maybe even a wink for good measure. Remember, language is fun, so let's keep our 'I's long and our spirits high when we're talking Agile!