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M. Cooper Vs. C. Coppola

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Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2004 1:00 am    Post subject: M. Cooper Vs. C. Coppola Reply with quote

googled an interesting thread...

Matt Devlin is a talented guy, but he should use his great talents elsewhere. He cares about people. Stick to important documentaries like the one you did on Bosnia. Or make your ultra low-budget horror movies. I can't understand why you would waste years of your life glorifying spoiled rich brats driving fancy cars over 100 mph across America and putting hardworking people in jeopardy. Thank God no one was killed. "Cannonball Run" is a cool movie. Burt Reynolds is a cool movie star. But, there's nothing cool whatsoever about the Gumball Rally 3000.

- posted by Christopher @ 10:00 PM | postCount('107725680215664590'); Comment (0)

Dear Christopher,

well here's at least one guy who doesn't like Gumball...

Your above comment to Mathew Delvin was forward to me by Mathew, I and Mathew are genuinely shocked at your views above the Gumball, and it would appear that you know nothing about it for such comments to be aired.

My background was not a priviledged one, I come from a true working class family in a poor part of the UK. I created Gumball to bring some fun, creativity and style into a motoring world that has lots its passion to a corporate and sterile environment controlled by big business. It makes me really fucking annoyed to read a comment that says its for rich brats, that fucking pisses me off. I organised the Gumball from scratch, I don't come from any money, or a famous family and I fucking work 25 hours a day to make a living.

My passion and talents for skateboarding, BMX have brought me into contact and friendships with individuals from the skate industry, and as a designer for Vivienne Westwood amongst others I've become friends with the most random eccentic bunch from the fashion, music and film industry from all over the world. Gumball started as my way of getting a few friends together from these industries that shared similar passions of mine, and have a true spirit of adventure. Gumball is not about 'spoiled rich brats' where did you get that from? Where the fuck did you get that from??? My only rich 'rich brat' friends happen to be people that I have met through your family, at your families parties, thats irony for you!

So you are calling Johnny Knoxville, Tremaine, Spike, Steve O, Pontius, rich brats are you, as they are all involved on putting on the Gumball and making it the success that it is, infact Spike and Jeff even directed the hour long film about the Gumball as an episode of Jackass. I've been friends with Knoxville, Spike and Tremaine since the age of 13 when we all competed in BMX competitions, and it really amazes me that you have no respect for what we have all built up out of nothing. Your comments really amaze me considering I thought you'd have respect for Spike more than anyone.

Along with the rich brat Jackasses all the other rich brat participants include friends of mine that are actors like Adrien Brody, and Billy Zane, hardly rich brats are they, infact they will all be interested to hear your comments about them, and skaters like Tony Hawk, Buck Lasek, Rob Dyrdek, Goldie, or Sean Ryder and Bez from the Happy Mondays, Good Charlotte, Placebo, Jesse James, or MX riders Travis Pastrana, Carey Hart. This lot may be 'famous' for being successful for what they do, but they are not rich brats. I'm sure they will all be airing their thoughts on your comments about them.

Gumball has always been about bringing together to most eclectic and eccentric group of people together possible for a 7 day adventure. The kind of adventure that doesn't seem to exist anymore. And whats more in the past 5 years since starting the Gumball, it has developed a life of its own that has allowed me to fulfill my dreams and ambitions; to be a film director, a fashion designer, to design computer games, toys, shoes, shops, hotels, infact Gumball has developed in its few years into a brand that can be developed into anything. Fans love the Gumball for its associations with skaters, its notoriety, its creativity, its style and attitude, its adventure and its 'air of rebellion and illegality'.

The media would love to think thats its a crazy illegal road race, which couldn't be further from the truth. Out of the 150 cars, we have old American Muscle cars, Hummers, kenworth Trucks, London Taxi's, 1930-70s sports cars, all of which couldn't even break the speed limit if they tried! The safety aspect of the rally is one that is dealt with, with great concern and rigidity; when the rally was in the US we worked with every state and police department to make sure that the drivers are always safe, hence the reason San Francisco ex Mayor Willie Brown took part, and if one or two cars of the modern sports cars speed then it is in a controlled environment. We are certainly not about putting 'hardworking' people in jeopardy. And to reiterate, unfortunately the only modern sports cars that are entering into the rally by some very rich individuals are people that I've met in LA through Spike, Sofia, Roman and most of the Coppola family!

I have a massive respect for your family, in that its been its creative genius that has made its fame, and achieved its success. I hardly think it would be fair to say that you are all rich brats just because you are successful.

Did you actually see the 'Movie' that I made about the 2003 rally from San Francisco to Miami. I made it for $30,000 and managed to premiere it at the Odeon Leicester Square in London and at the Manns Chinese Theatre in LA. To see it on the big screen in LA was a massive feat. I'd never directed anything in my life before, and I'm truly proud to have accomplished this film. Its inspiration came primarily from Bruce Browns 'On any Sunday' and I was especially honoured to receive a special 'Palme D'Or award for it at this years Cannes Film Festival, presented by the mayor of Cannes. It wasn't even entered into the festival, however, we showed it in Cannes as this years rally finished there. So to receive an award for it surely denotes that some people found it commendable and a worthy pursuit.

I again filmed this years event that took place in Europe, and it was directed by Ruben Fleisher, who is an incredibly respected and talented director. More of your family members attended the party we threw. I hope if you ever watch this years interpretation that you will have respect for its creativity and for me in trying to fulfill an ambition.

For Gumball to have so many fans around the world, can't mean that I'm doing such a bad thing for society. The Gumball is aspirational in every way, and as such if it is making children happy to watch it, read about it, play the games, whatever, then it does have its place in society.

I hope that you now understand a little more about the Gumball. No poor kid should be shot down in trying to achieve something in life. Especially to be shot down by an individual that comes from a wealthy and famous family. You deserve shooting for that.

Yours sincerely,

Maximillion Cooper

Mr. Cooper,

You are entitled to your opinions as I am entitled to mine. I didn’t like your movie, so what. I don’t like “Jackass” or most of “American Pop” either. As Matt knows, I, personally, am not from a rich family and I work my ass off as well. I also fight hard for what I believe in, which is “art as universal communication” and the healing of all peoples. A piece that has rich kids driving across America in fancy cars, making fun of policemen, and putting innocent people at risk is just plain wrong. That’s my view. Normally, I wouldn’t have commented because I could give shit about you or your work, but I used to like Matt Devlin and think his talent should’ve been used elsewhere. Now, I really don’t care what he does. I do have one serious problem with you though, Mr. Maximillion Cooper. You basically threatened me by saying I should be shot for my views. I don’t take threats lightly. Ask anyone who knows me. If I were you I would apologize promptly or deal with the consequences.


Christopher Coppola
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Posted: Wed Aug 11, 2004 9:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

With everything good it seems that DRAMA always follows. People are so funny. Can't we all just get along
VANity is my favorite sin
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