Road News from Car 54
On the Road in Africa - May 7th 2004
Location: whizzing by

We picked up another Gumball hitch-hiker, (first being Clive on the way to the ferry in Spain for a couple hours). This is Tim, he was in the Chevy SSR Truck sporting 700 horse power of exploding engine. He was so fricking stoked when he saw the couch in our van. He fell asleep withing 10 minutes and slept for 8 hours straight.

The DCV Duck rocking Morocco! These guys are my heros. They will go on to win the Gumball SPirit Award, the only award that matters.

Heres us passing a Hummer. We loved passing these things. To be fair, one of the black Hummers was suped-up and had racing wheels on, so we didn't pass them too often.

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