Road News from Car 54
5-Star Ferry - May 8, 2004
Location: Nador or Almeria I think

We made it to the ferry with about 2 hours until the sheduled departure time. The DCV made it with about 10 minutes. The story they tell about the journey is a great one. There's never been a faster DCV in the history of ducks.
Max Cooper, Bucky Lasek, Willy Santos and some other poor guys missed the ferry that night by a couple minutes. And nearly everyone except 6-10 people made it to the F1 race the next day in Barcelona. That was a bummer. Everyone including myself were grumbling and complaining that night. But hanging with black Audi crew and a few White Russians later and I was laughing and having a good time again. You can't talk about the Big Labowski and not feel good.

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