Road News from Car 54
Cannes - May 10 2004
Location: Awards Party

Jonny living it up in France.

Cheers!. OK, one the right, I'm sorry but I'm guessing here because I can't quite remember his name, but I think it's Mike(?). I'm an ass for not knowing becuase he's a really cool guy. He walked up to us on the first night and introduced himself and welcomed us to the Gumball. He told us a lot and helped us prepare a bit for what to expect. He's a real low key guy, but he's having as much fun as anybody during the rally. He's a Gumball veteran and thinks of everything, like, "bring your own breathalizer". Anyway, he's the feller on the right. He had a very nice Ferrari... His co-driver(that's actually not him in the photo) is a retired police officer!

Check the belt-buckle on this guy. It's a seatbelt buckle from some car. Our co-driver Jason wore a similar belt during the gumball. During a nap he clicked the van's seatbelt to his trousers, and when he woke up and tried to climb back up front he almost pulled his pants down. He was laughing for a while before he cooled down enough to tell us what the hell happened.

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