Road News from Car 54
Cannes - May 10, 2004
Location: Awards Party

Greetings Programs! Amanda and Alex. These guys are having the most fun out of everybody here. Everyday sporting a new driving disguise,
Chris Eubank seemed to have done the entire rally on his razor scooter. If he wasn't in his car, he was scootering around. Through restrurants, hotels, customs, the ferry, everywhere!
The boys in the SHelby. These guys rocked their car the whole way, and it was suspect from the beginning. Duct tape for hosing before the rally started. At night they couldn't use their headlights without stalling their engine, so they'd run without them until a Gumballer came by they could duck behind. We checked for them everywhere and they pulled it just fine, ahead of us usually... just really nervous the whole route.

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