Road News From Car #54

Halfway between Europe and Africa  -  May 7th 2004
Crossing the Mediterranean. Finally got my GPS working during the ferry ride. Up until then I wasnt able to find a signal. We really didnt end up neading the GPS maps or route cards in Morocco though, since Every intersection had a cop standing in it waving us through, handy that. Here's the one...(read more/enlarge photos)

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Spain  -  May 7th 2004
I'd like to know the tire count for the Gumball. The customs areas at the shipping port happened to be great place for some doughnuts. Im not sure if this car made it back from Morocco, although Gumball rumors can never be trusted. We hear so many versions of the same stories we might as well just ...(read more/enlarge photos)

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Antonio Montana
South of Spain  -  May 6th 2004
Spainish people have the best names. One waiter was named Antonio Montana, and the other was named Indigo Montoya. This hotel was like Fantasy Island except it wasnt an island and Tattoo was 6 foot tall. They drove us down to our room in a golf cart, so we were good and lost later that night. Wand...(read more/enlarge photos)

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Marbella Spain, on the Med  -  May 6th 2004
We made it to Marbella and counted about 40 cars there ahead of us again. Not so bad considering the type of cars that were behind us. This time there was a hummer ahead of us Damnit. But this thing wasnt normal and had racing street tires on it, not big mudders... excuses excuses. The road got rea...(read more/enlarge photos)

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Ajax Fans in an Unholy Land
Real Madrid  -  May 6th 2004
We went down into the stadium looking to throw some darts at Real Madrid fans. Who knew the place would be empty? We started cheering "stand up if you dont love Ajax" to the security guard. When he didnt sit down we were obliged to pummel him about the head and neck. He didnt think it was funny. ...(read more/enlarge photos)

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Real Madrid Stadium  -  May 6th 2004
We made it to the Real Madrid stadium after so many hours and so little food. We started shoveling whatever food we could find down our mouths, guzzeling OJ, and getting fired up for a little Hooliganism. These rat bastards blew right by us in their Ferrari while the Hummer and I got tickets! He do...(read more/enlarge photos)

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Crossing into Spain
moving (too) fast  -  May 5th 2004
Spainish Police had a nice little net set up for us. We stepped right into it because we'd forgotten to get our radar detector out of hiding when we left France. AT night our rally lights lit up the world. At one point we ran a stop sign to swindle in front of a convoy of supercars comming from an...(read more/enlarge photos)

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On the Road
Between Paris and Madrid  -  May 5th 2004
With 4 new rims and tires we were being cautious with our lug nuts. Wed stop at 50, 150, and 300 miles to check them. Was a good thing we did as a few of them moved. It was hell to pull over though, we were counting the cars that passed us by when we stopped. Later wed see em filling up on gas as ou...(read more/enlarge photos)

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And away we go...
SInging: I'm Leaving, on a Gumball.  -  May 4th 2004
Lots of folks came out to the start line to watch the Chaos. It was a zoo. We got out fairly early, top 30 cars to leave or so. We heard the French cops got fed up pretty quickly and put an end to our "organized" take off. Jason quickly posted up on the couch and navigated us through the city like...(read more/enlarge photos)

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Start Line
Some Big Tower in Paris  -  May 4th 2004
It has been pretty odd to have my van out here in the Old World. Good thing Napoleon widened the streets of Paris or we'd never have fit. We're pretty much set to go at this point. Just had to make sure the Radar snooper was hidden away in our subfloor smuggler compartment, and make sure the fridge...(read more/enlarge photos)

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