Road News From Car #54

Running for the Ferry
Near Fez  -  May 8, 2004
WE were so tired the road signs actually made sense. The Mini Cooper broke down on the side of a pretty desolate stretch of highway. They said they were having some sort of Shaft trouble... we left it at that. Now and then kids would try and hang for some photos. The kids on the bike are actually ...(read more/enlarge photos)

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On the Road, listening to Frank Sinatra
Convoy from Marrekech  -  May 8th 2004
Our killer "Dealer of Destruction" independent stickers we had on the windows made our van look like some AWOL US military rally mobile. This no doubt didn't help our image in Morocco... or France for that matter. For some reason Tim our trusty hitch-hiker from the Chevy SSR really wanted to listen ...(read more/enlarge photos)

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Road to Fez
N. Africa  -  May 8th 2004
Heading out from the Hotel was insane. Every intersection was controlled by a police officer blowing his whistle and forcing the Moroccans off to the side of the road. People were taking it relatively slow at first... but things sped up in no time......(read more/enlarge photos)

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More Rockos
speeding by...  -  May 7th 2004
We came accross this Enzo with a flat rear right tire. Jonny grabbed his tools from the Sportsmobile, and Mike from Robb's Saleen fixed the Enzo on the road without a call to Ferraris worldwide service center. Those goys were so stoked. Broken down, in the middle of Morocco, at night, in an Enzo Fer...(read more/enlarge photos)

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Approaching Casablanca
N. AFrica  -  May 7th 2004
We pulled out our Moroccan flag and attached to the roof of our van. People were stoked and went nuts when they saw us go by with their flag blazing. Later on it didnt keep everyone from throwing rocks at us, but maybe it kept one or two off. Eating at Ricks Cafe. Supposedly just like in the Movie,...(read more/enlarge photos)

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On the Road in Africa
whizzing by  -  May 7th 2004
We picked up another Gumball hitch-hiker, (first being Clive on the way to the ferry in Spain for a couple hours). This is Tim, he was in the Chevy SSR Truck sporting 700 horse power of exploding engine. He was so fricking stoked when he saw the couch in our van. He fell asleep withing 10 minutes an...(read more/enlarge photos)

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Halfway between Europe and Africa  -  May 7th 2004
Crossing the Mediterranean. Finally got my GPS working during the ferry ride. Up until then I wasnt able to find a signal. We really didnt end up neading the GPS maps or route cards in Morocco though, since Every intersection had a cop standing in it waving us through, handy that. Here's the one...(read more/enlarge photos)

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Spain  -  May 7th 2004
I'd like to know the tire count for the Gumball. The customs areas at the shipping port happened to be great place for some doughnuts. Im not sure if this car made it back from Morocco, although Gumball rumors can never be trusted. We hear so many versions of the same stories we might as well just ...(read more/enlarge photos)

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Antonio Montana
South of Spain  -  May 6th 2004
Spainish people have the best names. One waiter was named Antonio Montana, and the other was named Indigo Montoya. This hotel was like Fantasy Island except it wasnt an island and Tattoo was 6 foot tall. They drove us down to our room in a golf cart, so we were good and lost later that night. Wand...(read more/enlarge photos)

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Marbella Spain, on the Med  -  May 6th 2004
We made it to Marbella and counted about 40 cars there ahead of us again. Not so bad considering the type of cars that were behind us. This time there was a hummer ahead of us Damnit. But this thing wasnt normal and had racing street tires on it, not big mudders... excuses excuses. The road got rea...(read more/enlarge photos)

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