Robb Rill, the ringleader of the 5-car Team Darkcyde Racing. Comprised
of Robb's fantastic Esprit, a Gallardo, a GT3 RS, a Bentley GT, and a
Lincoln Navigator,( driven by non-other than GumballSportsmobile's
very own Jzen VanGarber, the Baron of Amsterdam!! ). The Navigator
was originally billed as the support/luggage vehicle, by the first checkpoint Jzen made it apparent the Navigator would be in it
to win it.
Carl Lewis, the fastest man on Earth.
  Indeed Carl is pretty damn fast when he's driving his Dutch-made
Spyker Supercar. One of the most rare cars on the rally, the
Spyker proved to be bombproof as Carl and Team Spyker drove it like a rental for 7 days straight.
Hayden Christensen, Pod-Racer.
Hayden returned for his second rally, mainly to dispel last year's
rumor that he couldn't drive straight! His infamous spinout
racing Dennis Rodman last year at the Bonneville saltflats cast doubt
on the young padawan's hand-eye coordination.
Hayden's brother Trove showed up with a modified Porsche complete
with expanded fuel capacity. Clearly this family does not mess around
when it comes to rallies!
Easy Pickens.
SUVs are big, flat, lumbering, targets with lots of surface area to bounce
radar off of. Plenty of room on the inside for radar detectors,
jammers, and scanners though... and if those don't get you out of a
ticket, keep a beautiful lady in the back seat.
The yellow RS4 of Stephan Johansson.
  Although the car is an identical twin to the grey RS4 driven by Mario
Andretti, Stefan's came with much prettier passengers.
Vic getting pulled in his drifting menace Infiniti G35. The police
officer did not appreciate Vic's lack of female rally
companionship, leaving the poor Infiniti with no way to escape a
speeding ticket.
This is AMG Doll Jasmine Fiore, prior to what appears to be an impending cavity search.
On Day 1 of the rally I was passed by a highway patrol car 125 mph, with lights and sirens blazing. Tucked in behind the cop was Troy in the Mosler 900, literally 5 feet off it's tail! Seems Troy Hanson had been nicked by the officer miles behind us, but was recognized as a Indycar driver. Instead of a ticket, he got an escort to the edge of cop's jurisdiction! We of course threw on our
own lights and sirens, trying to catch up to the duo, but traffic had
caved back in around them and we were shut down. DAMN YOU TROY HANSON!!

The evening parties are when everyone catches up on the days
events. It's surprising how few cars you'll see on the road during a given driving stage. Wrong turns, missed turns, bad routes, traffic, jail. You're never sure who's ahead or behind until you see their car in the lot.

I believe this is the 1001 HP ZO6 driven by Corvette Mike.


Bullrun 2006


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