One of the sharpest looking cars on the road. This Brabus-tuned Mercedes was just plain impressive. Total comfort built on top of racecar.

Rare photo of Team Darkcyde together! Generally, the Navigator was hours ahead, relaying back vital information to the Darkcyde cars. We had the Navi's cell phone number too, and they kept us on track and out of trouble many times.

The Spirit Award Winning Lotus 340R.
Pete and Paul, the rookie UK duo came out of the gates hard. With such an exotic car, they were prime suspects for the
highway patrol and got nicked constantly.

What kinda car is this? Mitsuwhat? Hmm, whatever, never heard of it.

It was waaaay slower than our Subaru.

What was the last thing to go through this bird's mind as it hit the car? His ass!

Antonio Alvendia, Beaver Licker, photo-
journalist, hitch-
hiker, and all around
cool guy. We picked up Antonio in Vegas
and brought him to San Diego.

Check out his site, !

First thing you do when pulling into a checkpoint is check for the cars driven by your friends. Damn Robb in his Lotus beat us to nearly every checkpoint!
What happens in Vegas, gets on Youtube.
Carl Lewis was generally the first one up and the last one to bed. He was having a blast and I suspect he'll be back for many more Bullruns.

Loti, plural for Lotus.
Certainly were a lot of Loti on the rally.

2006, the year of the Lotus.


Bullrun 2006


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