The Bullrun kicks off with a huge party at the Roosevelt, apparently the coolest club in LA. Crazy cars in the parking lot, crazy fools in the club, and a few hundred people lined up outside trying to get in.
The Sportsmobile lost it's transmission 15 minutes from the Startline. By the time Ford shows up to tow it away, we have 20 minutes till the start.
With minutes to spare we pull up to Hollywood Blvd.. and join the rest of the Bullrunners for the mad race to Las Vegas.
Two cars ahead of Ryan Dunn and James Hewitt in their Caddy Escalade.

One car behind Superman.

Even with our near last starting position, we made insane time routing out of LA. Gained serious ground on nearly the whole pack, I think. (Thanks to my navigators tremendous skills).

I slowed to 60mph when I saw this helicopter. Turns out it was the Bullrun film crew. Caught me going the speed limit, that's worse than getting a ticket!

We were somewhere up front until that last 1/3 of the leg, when everyone and their grandma passed us. We arrived at Vegas in 15-20th place.

Partytime at the Palms! Sorry but most of these fotos are off limits... what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


Bullrun 2005: LA to Vegas

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