Some SF tourists got an eyeful of exotic cars as they went by us. The whole trolly broke out cheering .
Tim Bird looking for a car to follow in to SF. His passenger is a journalist for a european fashion mag, but who knows which one?

Anton and Hotwheels Amy spent a lot of time driving with us as well. It was impossible to hear my own engine when the Chevelle was within 50 feet of us!

They arrived 13th to the finish line, just behind us, who were in turn just behind Ryan Dunn in the Escalade. I really didn't want to get beat by an Escalade, but I got lost in LA and he beat me by 3 minutes!
The Collins Bros. are top notch rally drivers and take no shit in their Ferrari. Fun to watch them do their thing.
Here's Dennis telling the Mrs. how freaking fast they drive.
The SLK, er, I mean, the SLGAY boys. They awoke to find their hairdresser car sabotaged in stickers...



Looking to Adopt.

Richard Redstate Rawlings' Ratrod.

Alex Roy's team Polizei interceptor finished second or third, but we all know he owns us on the crazy factor.
Rodman's Gallardo show's it's damage after it had a little run-in with the Bikini Bandits 1969 Mustang and Rodman's ex-photographer.
The Aston Martin DB9 was the ultimate winner for the 2005 Bullrun. Absolutely nutters drivers.

The Sportsmobile's transmission was all fixed by the time the rally ended. So our pre-wedding honeymoon over, we woke up early and raced home to get married.



Bullrun 2005: SF to LA.

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