From Vegas we set off for the Grand Canyon under darkening skies. Most of the day was dry and everyone was all out. Bullrun Lane!
But as we drew closer to our lunchstop things got wet. Here's the Gasmonkey Hotrod throwing 4 rooster tails 20 feet high.
The view of the Grand Canyon. Even Richard "Redstate" Rawlings was somewhat quiet and reflective here. Somewhat.
Lou from Capture Tech. and photographer Nigel Lord in the Z4. Old college buddies that hadn't seen each other in 20 years. We spent quite a lot of time running with these guys. Very fun.
I believe these are the Vermillion Cliffs. Most of this day was just stunning scenery. Pictures can't do it justice.
Literally in the middle of nowhere we bumped into BBC reporter Jamillah Knowles in the red Bentley GT . They were totally lost and were very happy to see Bullrunners.
The only thing better than driving in this area of the USA, is driving through this area of the USA in a mad pack of sportscars.
The yellow Lambo being driving by Darth Vader himself, Hayden Christensen. He would go on to take the high speed award for his ECU verified 203 mph. He's a champion Podracer, what did you expect!
As Darkness falls, we're left to find the checkpoint in the middle of the night. We rolled into town just as Numchuck was setting up to rock Telluride at 11pm. We bellied up to the bar and went to bed however.


Bullrun 2005: Vegas to Telluride, via the Grand Canyon.

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