We had an excellent start out of Boulder. Here we're in 3rd behind the Collin's Bros. in the Ferrari and Alex Roy in the Team Polizei car.
This lasted for about 5 minutes or 10 miles. Police swarmed after calls flooded 911. Dennis Rodman was reported to have "violated my human rights" by one motorist.
This SL 55 AMG was rotating drivers the whole Bullrun. Most folks were British TV, film, or sports stars. We had no idea who they were but had fun driving with 'em.
We also spent a lot of time driving with Tim Bird is his black Porsche Carrera. He had no maps, no GPS, and no route cards. He'd just follow Bullrunners as long as he could.
The Black Viper would growl past us now and then. Seemed a lot of different folks were switching in and out of that car as well. The passenger in this shot is a journalist for Cosmo.
The camera copter must have gotten such incredible footage. Bravo UK TV series comes out soon and the DVD by year's end!


Bullrun 2005: Boulder to Salt Lake City

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