We awoke to heavy rain in the Colorado mountains. On with the beanies, up with the ragtop, fingers crossed we don't hydroplane.
The Telluride Police were kind enough to escort us for a mile or two away from the Hotel. They pulled over and we were off at full speed. This was one crazy convoy.
Hayden would go through periods of sanity and we'd keep up with him for a bit. Then he'd remind us we were in a Honda S2000 and he was in a Lamborghini Murcielago.
We tried an alternate route to Aspen after the police pressure had just gotten too crazy. It ended up costing us hours and we were last to Aspen. Hayden fell victim to the Dark Side once again and skipped the Aspen checkpoint altogether
Here's Dennis Rodman leading the pack out, we still had an hour til the turnaround. We rolled in just as lunch was being cleared. The staff quickly loaded up huge plates for us and we ate in record time.
If the scenery around the Grand Canyon was amazing, the views surrounding Aspen are mind boggling. Twisty wet roads made it that much sweeter.
Here's Bill in his yellow Lambo. Notice the snow to the left of his car. We did some serious elevation changes this day. The z4 was cavitating like mad.
  We got to Boulder under a complete downpour at O'Dark thirty. No photos of that as we were both trying to find the road in front of us. A hard night of drinking insued and all the Bullrunners piled onto the Numchuck schoolbus to hit the town.


Bullrun 2005: Telluride to Boulder

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