This party went all night. From a VIP room party at Circus Circus to the strip clubs near-by.
Bill and his wife made it in late after having to leave the Murcielago somewhere out in hodunk Nevada.
The boys from Eclipse Data getting ready to hit the stripper bars!
Rodman and one of the Boys from Numchuck outlasted everyone this night, stayed up till dawn drinking Jack..
Reno Police are very cool folks. There was an envoy from the CHP who crossed the border to warn us, which didn't work.
The F40 gets impounded for 145 mph in a 70 mph zone outside of Tahoe. Driver arrrested and supermodel co-pilot was left on the side of the road with no wallet and no keys. CHP FU!
The Numchuck bus broke down around now, had to get fixed in Reno and missed the salt flats.
The mighty Bullrun RT! The stories generated by this car during the Bullrun will become rally legends.
This is the first few cars to leave Reno. We tried keeping up with David Green and Andrew Duncan in the SL 55, they left us in the dust..
Eclipse Data boys doing some experimental driving at exactly 60mph.
About 2 minutes later a Highway patrol turned on us and lit all 4 of us up. The cop got one look at the Bullrun RT and pulled it over solo, leaving the Chevelle, SL55, and the S2000 to escape sans tickets.
Darth Vader is sooo dreamy... and he's a nice guy too.
Infinion Raceway saw some serious damage done to their karts. I think Bullrunners broke no less than 4 karts, sending one guy to the hospital with broken bones. You know, FUN! Incriminating photos have been censored.
The Convoy out of Infinion and over the Golden Gate Bridge was incredible. Nearly all the cars lined up single-file heading over the bay was pure fun.
James the photog for Bravo UK gets some Ape-Lovin and an apple for his hard work.


Bullrun 2005: Reno to SF

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